Take a Paws is here to help you live a fulfilled life whilst eating the food that you want and loving your body in the process. A brand new Take a Paws Body Image Coaching program is COMING SOON. (psst, scroll to the bottom for that!)

With a focus on self-care, delicious recipes and body positivity, Take a Paws wants to help you become your best self. No Diet Culture Allowed.

Hey! I’m Charlotte.
The Take a Paws Body Image Coach.

I’m an accredited member of the British Psychological Society with an MSc in Psychology and experience of the lasting damage that chronic dieting and diet culture can cause.

As a teenager, I spent most of my time comparing myself to others and hating my body. I felt like I never fitted in. My self-worth was defined by the food I ate and the number on the scales. I was trapped in the ugly web of Diet culture. Most of my meals alternated between calorie counting and bingeing. My disordered eating tendencies were never diagnosed. It wasn’t until I found the body positive movement that I started to get help with my relationship with my body and food.

Read more about my disordered eating journey here.

I started Take a Paws to create a space to talk about our relationships with food and our body image.

As I progressed away from Diet Culture, I started to celebrate food and intuitive eating by sharing my favourite recipes. Self-care was a huge part of my journey which is why it’s a key focus in my body image coaching.

If you struggle with disordered eating, chronic dieting or low body image, you are not alone.

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Do you find making food choices stressful?

Is your self-worth controlled by the number on the scales?

Are you tired of battling with yourself over how you look?

You are not alone.

Diet culture has infiltrated our thoughts to make us feel unworthy. We’re constantly told that we’re not good enough. We’ve been led to feel ashamed of our bodies.

body image coaching

Am I the right coach for you?

I have struggled with disordered eating for over 15 years. I know what it’s like to feel hatred for my reflection in the mirror. I’ve spent countless hours crying in changing rooms because my body never felt good enough.

My body image coaching is based on a psychological practice that will help you to identify your underlying beliefs and challenge yourself to change your mindset.

The tasks that you will complete are effective in helping to alleviate the urges that come with chronic dieting. But you’ll do more than take your first steps away from Diet Culture. You’ll learn how to listen to and validate your body. Together, we’ll work on finding the empowerment to feel confident in your own skin.

Ever heard of an accountability partner? I’ll be your new buddy. But, instead of trying to make you smaller, we’re going get bigger. We’re making more room for a stronger well-being, greater self-worth and a bigger heart.

But it’s not about what I tell you to do. It’s about making the commitment to yourself. If you dedicate yourself to this program, you will find food freedom.

If you’re still not sure, your initial 30-minute consultation is FREE.

Coming Soon!

body image coaching

‘Count blessings, not calories: 6 weeks to ditching the diet’ is the new intuitive living program from Take a Paws.

I designed this program with every person who has struggled with their relationship with food in mind.

What can I expect from the program?

Weekly 60 Minute Consultation Calls

Homework tasks to help you transition your mindset

Contact via e-mail for extra support from your coach

Access to an exclusive, supportive Facebook Group

More information is COMING SOON!

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This is one to one coaching, tailored to individual needs, which means there will only be a limited number of places on the program.


Take a Paws Body Image Coaching is not suitable for the treatment of eating disorders. Please seek medical advice or contact your GP. For further information on support for Eating Disorders go to https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/