Is it time that you prioritised yourself? How much have you participated in self-love recently? Month of Me is your brand new calendar for putting aside time just for you.

It’s easy to download and simple to read to ensure you only have to think about what you’re going to do next!

How you can use the calendar:

  • you could work through each day and work towards ticking off as many as possible.
  • You could take a handful of activities from the calendar and fit them to your schedule.
  • You could randomly generate a number on your self-care Sunday.

I’ve designed this calendar so that it can be used continuously. It’s not limited to a specific month so you can come back to it at any time when you need a little you time.

Share your self-love!

I love to see how people engage with the things that I am passionate about so I’ve created #takeapawsmonthofme for you to use on Twitter and Instagram! Feel free to tag me too so that I definitely don’t miss it!

Download your Month of Me calendar now!

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