20.06.20 Special Saturday Breakfast

This week’s special Saturday breakfast was egg based. I didn’t go to any trouble with fruit because eggs can be so filling. Instead, I made scrambled egg on a slice of fresh toasted bloomer bread, topped with smoked salmon. We washed this down with a nice cold glass of fresh orange juice.

This morning, we took Clover for a longer walk to a different park. We hoped that she might find some new dogs to play with but the park was pretty quiet. On our way home, we looped round past our local bakery which is where I picked up a fresh bloomer.

How I made this week’s special Saturday breakfast

I cut us two thick slices to have with breakfast and I used 3 large eggs, milk, salt and pepper in my scrambled eggs. James is the egg whisker in our house. It’s important to thoroughly whisk your eggs as this helps to get a fluffy texture. Before I started cooking the eggs, I made sure to melt a nice big blob of butter in the pan. I kept the heat low so that the eggs cooked slowly and kept a fluffy texture. Make sure you keep slowly stirring the eggs until you serve up to avoid them going dry!

I’ve been a bit on and off with scrambled egg recently. It used to be my favourite way to eat eggs but these days, I tend to stick to poached or boiled. If I do have scrambled egg, I can only seem to eat a small portion of it. This is why I only used 3 eggs in the mixture. If you’re a big fan of scrambled egg, I would recommend 4 eggs for 2 people.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s special breakfast. Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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