03.06.20 22kg delivery!

Hello reader!

For the last 7 years, I’ve moved house every year from one university house to another and even from the UK to Canada and back. My grandparents have been kind enough to let me store a lot of my things at their house and now that James and I have moved into our own place, I’m starting to take my things out of their storage.

Covid-19 has made the process slightly more difficult. I had planned on visiting them and bringing some things home in my car, however they have been self-isolating for weeks so that idea was no longer possible. For incredible value for money, we managed to book a courier service to collect a prepacked box from their house and deliver it me within 24 hours! My box weighed 22kg and yet it only cost £19 for collection, delivery and contents insurance of up to £100! We thought this was fantastic. (If you’re interested, the website that we used was Parcel2Go.)

Anyway, I am quite happily reunited with a lot of my kitchen equipment, including my sturdy mixing bowls. I’m going to be writing a blog post on my kitchen essentials so look out for that in the near future! We’ve also been using plastic cutlery from a picnic set for the last week so I was delighted to receive my cutlery set too. We now have more cutlery than the amount of people we can actually fit at our table ha!

Looking forward to sharing more posts with you from my lovely kitchen.

Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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