20 Minute Meditation Routine

Yesterday, I filmed my first Instagram Live Video! I was incredibly nervous but I really wanted to provide a space where we could get together and Take a ‘Paws’ during this stressful time. It’s also understandable that people prefer to meditate on their own, so today I’m sharing with you yesterday’s 20 minute meditation routine!

Before you begin, create a comforting space which will allow you to feel at your most relaxed. I lit some scented candles, put cosy blankets down and played relaxing music.

20 minute meditation routine

20 Minute Meditation Routine

Ask yourself how you’re doing.

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling right now? Give yourself space to acknowledge the key emotions that you’re feeling.

Take some deep breaths

Count as you breath. Inhale for 3 counts, hold for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts. Take your time and don’t rush. Repeat this breathing technique 5 times.

Mobilise your joints.

Practise gentle rotations of your:
– neck
– shoulders
– wrists
– ankles
3 rotations clockwise, 3 rotations anti-clockwise

Ask yourself what you’re grateful for today.

Think about what is bringing you joy and peace. What are you thankful for? Keep it in mind or write it in your journal.

Light stretching

Begin in child’s pose. Hold for 3 breaths.
Move onto your hands and knees and alternate between cat pose and cow pose 3 times.
Move into a seated, cross-legged position and stretch one arm overhead, leaning to the left. Change hands and stretch to the right. Repeat alternating side stretches 3 times.
Staying in your cross-legged position, walk your hands forward and stretch forward.
From here, transition back into a child’s pose and begin the sequence again. Perform 3 sequences of light stretching.

Mindful breathing

Get comfortable either sitting down or laying down. Take deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Imagine each breath filling your body, starting from your toes and working up to the top of the head. Relax your neck and release tension from your face. Think back to what you’re grateful for.

Next week’s Mindful Meditation!

When: Thursday 2nd April
Time: 4pm GMT
Where: Take a Paws Instagram @takeapawsblog

If you can, bring some moisturisor or body lotion – we’re going to be giving our hands some TLC!

Take a Paws and Tell Me:

How do you like to meditate?

20 minute meditation routine
20 minute meditation routine
20 minute meditation routine

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