2019 Quarterly Year Review #2

Can you believe we’re already in July? Half the year has already gone! Which brings us to my second quarterly year review (or half-way through the year review, potato, potato).

If you want to remind yourself of where things were at by the end of March, give my 2019 Quarterly Year Review #1 a read.

Otherwise, without further ado, I’ll just go straight into it!

Last time, I talked about some blogging goals. I have yet to go self-hosted (which allows you to manage SEO) but I’ve definitely upped my Pinterest game. Head over to My Pinterest (which is looking pretty good in my opinion!) and check it out…

Finish and pass my MSc in Psychology

My Thesis is yet to be completed but all my other grades have been given and I finished on a high Commendation (a.k.a Merit)!

Transition from Newcastle to Coventry in as few trips as possible.

The transition went very well and I managed to move all my things in 3 trips in the car. I was quite impressed by how much I could fit in it!

Learn calligraphy

This one is still on the back burner because I haven’t had much time due to exams and assignments. Once we’re fully moved in and organised, I’m going to crack open the books and get the pens out!

Meditation goals

I’ve been a little disappointed with how much meditation I’ve been doing recently. I’ve fallen out of routine with my morning yoga but I’m working on getting back into it!

Get a job

This one is tricky because I can’t get a job related to Psychology until I have graduate chartered membership with the British Psychological Society. And I can’t apply for membership until I have my final transcript. So the new goal is to find a job by the end of the year.

Read 30 books

I’m still not reading as much as I’d like to but I did thoroughly enjoy reading Becoming, by Michelle Obama and I’ve just bought a few new books to hopefully spur me into reading more often.

Visit my best friend in France

This. Is. Happening! One week today, I will be on my way to Toulouse to see Arielle. We are both beyond excited and I can’t wait to take lots of pictures and share it with you as part of my travel blogs.

Get stronger

I said goodbye to my PT, Gary, when I left Newcastle last week and it was actually really sad for me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him this year and he’s taught me loads of new ways to use a gym. Unfortunately, the gym where I’ll be living next is quite expensive so I’ll probably invest in some weights to keep at home. I doubt I’ll be able to lift weights as heavy as what I have been lifting with Gary’s supervision (he’s definitely caught them for me a few times along the way) but I’m looking forward to finding new ways of maintaining my fitness in the fresh air of the countryside.

Try more recipes

I’ve got so many cookbooks now that I’d love to try a new recipe every fortnight and show you all through a foodie post. I’ll make that a new goal for the next quarterly review!

How are you doing with your goals so far this year? Have you made any new ones in the process? Let me know in the comments below!


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