5 reasons for working hard through exam season.

For those in education, whether it be GCSEs, A Levels or Higher Education, April and May are the worst months of the year. Most weeks consist of essay deadlines which lead straight through into the exam weeks. At the same time as trying to write a 4000 word paper, you also have to be memorising everything you’ve ever been taught since September.

Back to back deadlines are the most stressful. For most people, writing an essay at the last minute is not going to produce a successful result and when you have several due at once, multi-tasking is key and you need to be on top of your work.

For me, it’s getting to the point where I need it to end. My motivation is gone. I’m tired everyday but the work still isn’t done yet! I’ve come this far, received consistently positively results and I feel like I’m falling at the final hurdle. This post will not give you any top tips for actually working through exam season because it would be hypocritical when here I am procrastinating by writing this post. Instead, I’m going to give you reasons to stay motivated and keep working as hard as you possibly can:

  1. You’ve worked so hard all year, don’t let your average grade fall now.
  2. Whatever qualifications you achieve from the educational institution you are in will benefit you when it’s all over, but they will benefit you more the higher the mark.
  3. If your aim is just to pass, that’s fine. Keep working at a steady pace, do what you can. You got this.
  4. Forget how proud your family or teachers will be – you will be proud of yourself when those results come in if you try your best.
  5. Think of how stressed you will be if you leave it until the last minute.

Do you have any more reasons to add to that final push? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Good luck during exam season! I’m glad to be done that part of my life haha but you’re right it’s all worth it when it’s done.

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