5 ways to reduce anxiety when life gets stressful

This is a trying situation that we’re all in. It’s stressful and unfamiliar which can cause increased anxiety and tension. Lock down and social-isolation will end, eventually, but I want to provide you with coping mechanisms for any stressful situation you might find yourself in. Here are 5 ways to reduce anxiety when life gets stressful.

5 ways to reduce anxiety when life gets stressful

Think about what you’re grateful for

Acknowledging the positives that already surround you can help bring you peace within the situation that you are in. Write it down so that you can read it back whenever you’re feeling despair.

Freshen up your surroundings

Simple activities such as buying a new house plant, moving furniture around, painting or even just tidying up a room can induce feelings of change. Embracing a new change can help you to feel like you’re not stuck in the same position. Plus, you’ll feel productive and satisfied after completing an activity.

Increase your heart rate

Dance in your living room. Take a brisk walk. Smash out a home workout. Increasing your heart rate will encourage endorphins to surge through your body which will leave you feeling energised. If you want a new workout to try, take a look at this 28-minute body weight workout.

However – if your heart rate is high from anxiety, try to slow it down (see next activity).

Do some yoga or meditation

Centre your energy and find some balance in your breathing. Yoga and meditation can bring us a peaceful distraction during stressful times, especially when you focus on your breathing. Follow this 20 minute meditation routine when your emotions feel heightened, or try adding the Take a Paws Yoga Challenge to your daily routine.

Make a bucket list of things you want to do when the situation changes

This can be a list of anything. Places you want to travel to. Restaurants you want to eat at. Exercise classes at your local gym that you want to try. A new event that’s being held in your city (a concert, a food show, a sports game). If it’s something that excites you, add it to your bucket list – however big or small. Want to visit Grandma’s house? Put it on the list!

Anxiety can be an overwhelming feeling, but engaging with positive activities can help to reduce the impact of anxiety.

The first 4 activities listed here focus your attention on the present whereas making a bucket list encourages you to look to the future. Excessive feelings of anxiety can induce feelings of hopelessness but by channeling your energy to concentrate on things that you can look forward to, you can avoid any lurking feelings of despair.

Take a Paws and Tell me:

What do you do when life gets stressful?


  1. Love these ideas, especially the first one. It’s so hard to be positive sometimes, but it definitely helps lift your mood when times are tough. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you found something to take away today 🙂

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