50 activities you can do at home

Today I’m bringing you 50 activities you can do at home! This list has a mixture of activities that will keep you entertained for the foreseeable future.

Some of the activities may require you to pick up some supplies from the supermarket whilst you’re doing your weekly shop, but a lot of them involve things you will already have at home or nothing at all!

Ideas for how to pick an activity

You could work through the list, ticking them off one by one.

Pick an activity at random by selecting a number between 1 and 50 (or drawing numbers out of a hat/bowl or asking Alexa to pick).

If you live in a house with several people, take it in turns picking an activity.

50 activities you can do at home

  1. Bake a cake
  2. Dance party
  3. Make your own jigsaw
  4. Practise football keepy-uppies in the garden
  5. Painting
  6. Yoga
  7. Rearrange furniture
  8. Still life drawing
  9. Decorate biscuits with icing
  10. Meditate
  11. Build a duvet fort
  12. Rediscover old playstation/xbox games
  13. Paint your nails
  14. Make a 3 course meal
  15. Practise handstands
  16. Create a dance routine
  17. Camp in the garden overnight
  18. Have a BBQ
  19. Get dressed up and throw yourself a dinner party
  20. Write a story
  21. Read a book
  22. Have a movie marathon
  23. Make popcorn
  24. Pilates
  25. Perform a fashion show
  26. Follow an online make up tutorial
  27. Learn to do the splits
  28. Try a new hairstyle
  29. Call a friend
  30. Boxercise
  31. Watch your favourite film
  32. Watch a film you’ve never seen before
  33. Write in your journal
  34. Draw a self-portrait
  35. Try a new recipe
  36. Write a letter
  37. Learn something new about a family member
  38. Karaoke
  39. Legs, bums and tums
  40. Practise playing an instrument
  41. Learn the words to a new song
  42. Write your own song
  43. Start a new TV series
  44. Make a travel bucket list
  45. Bake some cookies
  46. Take a bubble bath and light some candles
  47. Teach your pet a new trick
  48. Have a PJ party
  49. Call a family member
  50. Write a poem

Have fun with your 50 activities! If you share your activity on Twitter or Instagram – don’t forget to tag me @takeapawsblog

Take a Paws and tell me:

What fun things do you like to do at home?


  1. omg these are SUCH good ideas and I am constantly getting ‘bored’ so I’m defo gonna come back to this page and do some of these! Speaking of resdicovering new games…how’s the Sims going? Another AMAZING post Charlotte!! 🙂

    1. Author

      Ah thanks Millie! The Sims is going really! I’m trying to play as much of the original pack as possible before I get an expansion pack. I’m thinking Seasons next!

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