13.06.20 A Cooking Catastrophe!

Hello reader!

We spent Saturday preparing for our BBQ which included food prep. I decided that I wanted to serve banana and chocolate chip muffins and I already had a recipe saved to my Pinterest. The recipe was pretty similar to the pancakes that I made on Friday so I had high hopes for the muffins. They were made with mashed banana, Greek yogurt and rolled oats.

However, despite following the instructions exactly as given, the muffins took ages to cook properly inside. This meant that the outside of the muffins turned dry and browned quickly. To be honest, James and I both thought that the texture resembled that of a yorkshire pudding. Disappointing, to say the least.

I was also underwhelmed by the dinner that I made too. I saw a recipe for a Mediterranean quinoa dish which was filled with roasted peppers, onion, olives, cannellini beans and feta cheese. It was incredibly easy to make but I found the taste of the olives overpowering.

All in all, Saturday felt like a food failure of a day. I wanted to share this with you because, more often than not, I only share the pictures of food that I think look great. It’s so important that we try not to only portray perfect lives. People need to see real life too. So, here you have my real life baking failure. I’m going to try and turn them into strawberry and banana cake skewers so that I can sneakily cut off the burnt bits before the BBQ.

Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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