A little life update.

Hello wonderful readers! If you are still here after my absence, please know that I appreciate you!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in such a long time, and the reality is, I haven’t. I finished my thesis in the first week of September and took a well deserved break to Cornwall for a week. I meant to throw myself back into blogging when we returned home but I haven’t felt any inspiration or motivation to do so.

A week after we returned from Cornwall, I was referred to hospital for a small surgical procedure on my leg and since then I’ve been dosed up on painkillers and antibiotics. Writing has been the last thing on my mind but I’m also becoming increasingly bored and fed up with sitting in bed all day.

Clover came to Cornwall with us and had a fabulous time. She went to the beach for the first time, met lots of dogs and I taught her to give paw!


Her training is going as slowly as my blogging. Although her toilet training is better, she’s still having accidents indoors but at least she sleeps through most of the night without needing the garden. I’ve ordered a clicker to try and progress her training. It’s not Clover who is slow to learn, it is me who is slow to teach. I think my Masters has left me feeling a bit deflated and I’m struggling to get my mojo back. I’d like to teach her some more tricks but I also want to work on controlling her barking. She’s walking lovely off the lead and plays really well with other dogs.

I’d really like to get back into my usual content for you all. I’m aiming to create more food posts and get back into writing about body image. Bear with me, I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself as I think that will make me feel worse.

Hope you’re all doing well.

What have you all been up to this month?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading x

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