Budget Friendly Home Decor

If you’re new to this blog, you may not know that James and I moved house recently. We moved into an almost unfurnished property. Check out the empty house tour here! I try not to always buy online as I think it’s important to help to keep our stores open. As lockdown has kept shops closed, I didn’t rush into buying new decor. However, last week my Gran came to stay and we finally bought some new pieces for the new house! Here are the budget friendly home decor items that we bought!

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all of my grandparents. They have been so generous in helping us to move house. James and I both appreciate the support.

Love you all x

Home Decor Haul on IGTV!

Budget friendly home decor!

House Plants

I am obsessed with plants at the moment. The garden makeover will be another video/blog post entirely but I’ve been buying lots of house plants too. At first I wanted fake plants upstairs so that I didn’t have to bother watering them. However, after I saw the beautiful potted house plants in Morrisons, I couldn’t resist.

budget friendly home decor foliage plant and succulent
Foliage plant in a green, decorative pot. Green succulent in a silver/grey shimmer pot.

I thought that these plants were amazing value for money. The plant pots are actual pot, not plastic and the plants themselves are healthy.

Where: Morrisons
Price: £3 and £4

Check out my other house plants here!

Faux Plant – Hanging Basket

The house already had a pre-installed hanging basket hook so I’ve been keen to hang something outside. Originally, I was planning on putting a real basket up there but then I decided that it would be easier to put a faux plant up there instead. I’m fairly short and I can barely reach the handing basket hook. It would probably be quite difficult to water it. None of that matters though, when the faux baskets are as pretty as this!

Budget friendly home decor. Faux Hanging basket. Yellow and white daisies with green leaves hanging from a hook against a brick wall.
Faux Hanging basket. Yellow and white daisies with green leaves hanging from a hook against a brick wall.

I love this hanging basket from The Range. The yellow and green colours are beautiful and it looks full and vibrant.

Where: The Range
Price: £22.99

Scented Candle + Lamp

I am obsessed with scented candles. They can transform a room, uplift your mood and add simplistic sophistication to your room decor. I have a scented candle in every room of the house. This new candle is from Asda and I’ve said before how much I love Asda’s candles. They smell amazing and they’re so cheap!

Where: Asda
Price: £3

Budget friendly home decor
White candle ‘Wild Jasmine Scented’
Small lamp with white shade and rose gold legs.

This small lamp from Wilko gives my living room a modern feel with its clean white shade and rose gold legs. The light it gives the room on an evening is the perfect balance between bright and cozy.

Where: Wilko
Price: £8

Wall Art

I mentioned in the IGTV video that James had picked most of our wall art as they are pieces that he has bought over the last few years. I decided that I wanted to pick something for our bedroom. When I saw this canvas picture, I instantly fell in love with it. The neutral pink tones of the trees matched our bedding and I love nature scenes. It also reminded me of the tree lined streets in Canada.

Hand painted canvas of trees
Canvas wall art of Autumn trees with pink and purple undertones.
budget friendly home decor
Canvas artwork hanging above a bed. The bed sheets have a leafy design with grey and pink undertones of colour.

I wanted our bedroom art to be a statement as we have a big space on the wall. This canvas fills the space exactly as I imagined and sets a ‘pretty’ tone for the bedroom that was otherwise feeling a bit bland.

Where: The Range
Price: £36.99


The Living Room Mirror

I wanted two mirrors for the house. One for our bedroom and one for the living room. Due to the size of the sofa, the living room feels quite small so I wanted to create the idea of more space with a mirror. This large wooden framed mirror was the perfect size for the space. It also gives the room a more decorated feel.

budget friendly home decor
Wooden framed large mirror
Large wooden framed mirror wall mounted and hanging opposite a grey sofa. A TV sits on a wooden stand in the corner next to the window.

Where: The Range
Price: £36.99

The Bedroom Mirror

Originally, I wanted a round mirror for the bedroom, to jazz up the angles in the room. I even found a beautiful round mirror that I would have loved to have brought home. However, every single of that design of mirror was chipped or damaged in the store! So, I moved on and came across a rectangular mirror with a modern finish.

white painted dresser with wall mounted mirror and jewelry boxes

The frame around the mirror is a wood effect but around the edge of the frame is an extra white frame. I thought this would match my white drawers that I painted. It keeps a modern feel to the room and is the perfect finish to my dressing area.

Where: The Range
Price: £8.99


And finally, the throws. My sofa is brand spanking new and I’ll be damned if Clover’s mucky paws are going to ruin it. When we first moved in, we put my old blankets over the top of it to protect it. However, these blankets are quite fuzzy, making the sofa warm to sit on. This will be great in Winter, but not so great whilst the weather is hot.

grey pillow back sofa with grey throw covers

I found some grey throws that go well with the design of my sofa cushions nicely and the fabric isn’t too warm to sit on. I’m not too fussy about things matching perfectly as eventually, it all starts looking a little too similar. I like the clash of the squares with the diamond pattern on my cushions.

Where: The Range
Price: £20 (We got 2 to cover the whole sofa so £40 total)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my budget friendly home decor. Fingers crossed, an updated house tour is coming soon. I just need to finish adding some little touches. When my plants start to bloom, I’ll also be bringing you a final garden makeover too!

Always remember to take a paws!

Charlotte x


  1. Your home is already so pretty and more put together than mine (slight internal cries HAHA) I love these pieces and I love their price tag even more! Asda and Wilko are life changers tbh Can’t wait to check them out more in your IGTV later!

    1. Author

      Thanks Millie! I couldn’t get over how cheap the bedroom mirror was! Hope you enjoy the video x

  2. Love the items you picked up for your home! Mirrors can make such a big difference to a room. I love shopping at B&M for homeware as well, and Matalan have the most gorgeous range I’ve ever seen! Loved the IGTV to match x

    1. Author

      Oh I LOVE Matalan too! Thank you for reading and I’m so pleased you liked the IGTV video too x

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! The candle smells AMAZING. I’m so happy with it!

  3. Your house looks amazing! I’m such a fan of house plants and always think hanging baskets make a place look truly homely. I hope you’re very happy in your new home x

    1. Author

      Thank you so much x it’s so close to being finished, I’m looking forward to bringing an updated house tour to the blog x

  4. Great post thank you for sharing! I love that you go
    to normal shops! Usually someone recommends something and it’s from nowhere you know for more money than you have! Your house looks amazing and looks like we have the same taste so when I do my bedroom which should be in the near future I will look back at this. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Ah wow! I’m so flattered! I hope you find some decorative pieces that bring you joy! I love going to high street shops. So affordable!

  5. I am trash at interior decorating even though I’m a graphic designer haha. But I always get inspired by posts and homes like yours so thank you for sharing!

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