BLOGTOBER: 8 week anti-diet plan to your best Christmas body ever!

In the run up to Christmas, dieting can be a real temptation. The fear of gaining weight leads us to believe we must restrict, count, and over exercise in order to compensate for the extra calories that we eat over the festive season. As a new year begins, so does our ‘new year, new me’ mantra for the next diet, and thus continues our low self-esteem and poor body satisfaction.

Why not try something new this year? Instead of spending the next 8 weeks in the run up to your Christmas party monitoring your body and stepping on and off the scales, why not ditch your grueling exercise routine and ask yourself what exercise you actually enjoy?

Instead of self-evaluation, you could try self-love by planning lots of little acts of self-care. Instead of limiting yourself to salads and fat-free yogurts, why not banish all restrictions on foods in an act of self-liberation. It is likely that by the time Christmas comes around, you’ll feel so unrestricted from food that the usual Christmas indulgence may not be as glutenous as you expect. And even if it is, it’s Christmas! 

So here’s your 8 week anti-diet plan to your best Christmas body ever!

Week one: Destroy, remove and cancel all plans to diet.

Week two: Go buy your weekly food shop and get whatever you want.

Week three: Plan to do whatever exercise you want to do because you enjoy it, not because it supposedly burns 10,000 calories in 10 minutes.

Week four: Organise a coffee date with friends and tell them all about your new body-loving, anti-diet plan.

Week five: Treat yourself to a self-care Sunday. Whatever makes you feel the most relaxed. Say no to everyone else and yes to YOU.

Week six: Decide on your Christmas party outfit. If you’re buying something new, get it in the size that fits like a glove, not the size you think you should be. Your best body is the one you have right now.

Week seven: Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you love about yourself. Don’t talk about your appearance. You are so much more than a pretty face.

Week eight: Go out to that party. Drink what you want. Eat what you want. Have no regrets the next day.

Do you have any anti-diet advice to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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