Clover’s First Birthday!

How time flies! My sweet pupster is turning one and what a wonderful dog she is. To celebrate, I’m sharing with you my favourite pictures of Clover as she has grown, and what I’ve bought her (me) for her birthday. Let’s enjoy celebrating Clover’s first birthday!

This post contains a gifted item.

Make sure you check out our YouTube video where I’m sharing never-before-seen clips. It’s kind of like a home video, full of snippets of life with Clover over the last 10 months.

The first time I saw Clover

I knew I wanted a bitch, rather than a dog and Clover was the last bitch in the litter to be picked. When I got in touch with the breeders and asked them to send me a picture, this little fluffball jumped from the screen to my heart instantly.

Bringing Clover home

I still pinch myself to this day that she is mine. My 16 year old self predicted that I would have a dog in 10 years time but as an adult, I honestly never believed I would have a dog this soon.

Meeting a cat for the first time

Clover was desperate to play with Moon but Moon’s canine companions, Myrtle and Nancy, were protective of their feline friend. It was really interesting to watch how they cornered Clover away from him.

Tracking Clover’s growth

Top left: 12 weeks; top right: 13 weeks; bottom left: 14 weeks; bottom right: 15 weeks
1 year old

Family portraits

I love taking pictures because they are my memories. They take me back to a moment that I cherish, which is why I insist on taking them. A formal Christmas picture may seem OTT to some people, but for me it is a beautiful representation of my favourite time of year.

Visiting Grandma’s house: 4 months old
First holiday, Cornwall, 5 months old
First Christmas: 7 months old

Clover’s Birthday Presents

At Christmas time, we allowed her to open her presents by ripping up the paper. Unfortunately, and understandably, she doesn’t differentiate between paper that she’s allowed to rip and non-ripping paper. So we’re not wrapping her birthday presents up.

She’s had the same collar and lead since we brought her home and it has seen it’s fair share of fox poo. We decided to buy her a new, bright blue lead and collar which is kind of glow in the dark. Plus I adore the colour.

We also bought her a new toy and a new chew stick, as well as some shampoo. Her fur is fairly similar to her puppy fur but it knots quickly. I wanted to get her shampoo that would condition the fur and keep it healthy.

Plus we received some comedy poo bags from Paperbagco which put a smile on our face! These bags are biodegradable and Paperbagco is committed to offering environmentally friendly products!

Happy Birthday, Clover!

I still can’t believe it’s Clover’s first birthday already! Clover is such a loving dog to everyone. She’s always keen to play with other dogs at the park and she’s ready to cuddle when we’re at home. Her potential to learn lots of different tricks is big and she’s already made great progress with the ones that we’ve already learned.

Her desire to chase and retriever a ball has grown rapidly in the last couple of months which is excellent for burning off her energy. She’s happy to snooze in the kitchen whilst we get on with housework and she continues to sleep well in her own bed at night.

Of course, there are behaviours that I still want to work on. Her barking needs to be more controlled, as does her recall response. She’s still in the playful puppy stage so I’m not allowing myself to stress about it. But on the whole, I couldn’t imagine life without her and everyday she develops further into a well-behaved, obedient dog.

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