Gozo travel: Exploring Caves at the Azure Window

Do you love finding hidden parts of a new place?

Last week we went to Dwerja to swim in the inland sea and we decided to take a boat ride into the caves.

Fun facts: Dwerja is where the Azure Window used to stand before it fell into the sea in 2017. I took this picture when I was visiting in 2016. It has also been used in Hollywood as an epic setting, such as for Daenerys’ wedding in Game of Thrones.


This is what the area looks like now, bearing in mind this picture is taken from the opposite side whilst on the boat.


The boat trip took 15 minutes and cost us 4 euros each. To begin with, the boat has to travel through an opening in the rock and out into the open sea to get to the caves. This is the view from the mouth of the opening.


Then it travels around a first set of caves and the driver points out the beautiful coral on the walls, followed by the crystal blue waters underneath. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of trip where you can get off and swim in the crystal water but it’s amazing to see nonetheless. Plus, if you’re a strong swimmer and brave enough, you could probably swim round to it.


The driver then pointed out the area where the Azure window fell and took us into more caves with similar coral before heading back through the opening and into the Inland Sea bay.


It was a lovely little boat ride that we thoroughly enjoyed. We went at around 4:30pm when the sun was a little cooler and the soft breeze in the open water was so refreshing.

If you’re ever heading for a swim at Dwerja, hop on a boat to see the caves and experience Gozo from the open water.

Do you like taking small trips like this when you visit somewhere new? Have you been to Gozo or Malta before? Let me know in the comments below!


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