Gozo travel: Lunch at Ramla Bay

Last Friday, we decided to have a lunch at the beach. We chose to go to Ramla Bay, known for it’s beautiful, sandy seafront. The restaurant we decided to eat at is called Il-Kcina tar-Ramla. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the bay and is well shaded from the hot lunchtime sun.


The menu was great and had lots of options to choose from. Pizza, pasta, salads, seafood, but also classic ‘holiday-style’ comforts like chicken nuggets and chips, scampi and meat/cheese platters. They also had a specials board which had wild bream, blue fin tuna, red snapper, and tagliatelle with fresh tuna.

It was very busy when we first arrived but luckily, my dad knows the owner and had reserved us a table in advance. The day we went to Ramla Bay was a national bank holiday for the Maltese Islands which made me a bit apprehensive. Some restaurants have a tendency to crack under the pressure of a busy day and the food quality often drops.

However, here at Il-Kcina tar-Ramla, the food was delicious! Here is what we ordered:

Tagliatelle with fresh tuna


Wild Bream


Prawn and smoked salmon salad




Scampi and chips


I had the tagliatelle with fresh tuna and it was one of the best pasta dishes I have had in a long time. It was seasoned with citrus flavours which were amazing and I’ve been desperately trying to figure out the recipe ever since. The amount of tuna in the dish was also very generous. I actually became quite full towards the end and had enough tuna left to offer some to my friends and family.

My friends and family were also happy with their meals too. They couldn’t fault the food and we all had a great afternoon, beer and wine flowing.

We would definitely recommend coming here for lunch if you ever make a trip to Gozo.

Have you been to Gozo or Malta before? Do you have any great memories or recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!


We also had amazing pizza a hidden bakery and a delicious dinner at a restaurant with a view!

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  1. Oooo that all looks so good! (The food and the area!) I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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