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Take a Paws is here to help you live the life you want whilst eating the food that you want and loving your body in the process.

With a focus on self-care, delicious recipes and body positivity, Take a Paws wants to help you become your best self. No Diet Culture Allowed. Plus, I’ll be brightening your day with updates on my gorgeous puppy, Clover.

Hi reader! I’m Charlotte.

I’m the content creator behind Take a Paws.

As a teenager, I spent most of my time comparing myself to others and hating my body. I felt like I never fitted in. My self-worth was defined by the food I ate and the number on the scales. I was trapped in the ugly web of Diet culture. Most of my meals alternated between calorie counting and bingeing. My disordered eating tendencies were never diagnosed. It wasn’t until I found the body positive movement that I started to get help with my relationship with my body and food.

Read more about my disordered eating journey here.

I’ve always enjoyed blogging. I started Take a Paws in January 2019 although it had a different name back then (remember Enchanting Moments, anyone?). This is my space where I can talk about my struggle with disordered eating as well as help others to feel less alone. As I progressed away from Diet Culture, I started to celebrate food and intuitive eating by sharing my favourite recipes. Self-care was a huge part of my journey which is why it’s a key focus on this blog.

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