BLOGTOBER: How to carve a pumpkin!

Halloween is approaching! Are you ready?

Adding a candle-lit, carved pumpkin to your front door can spook up your garden instantly and tells your neighbours that they can stop by for a trick or treat!

It’s also half-term in the UK at the moment, a great way to spend a rainy day indoors!


It’s really simple, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pumpkin (bigger ones give you more room to do bigger designs and make alterations if you make a mistake).
  • A small sharp knife
  • A bowl
  • A spoon
  • (I also ended up using a fork to scratch the insides out quicker.)
  • A pen or pencil

To begin with, make a hole at the top of the pumpkin. I did a zig-zag cut but you can also just do a neat circle or something different if you prefer. If you know how big the candle is that you want to put inside, make sure the design will fit the candle through.


Then, scoop out the inside flesh of the pumpkin. I like to separate the seeds and toast them, others like to make pumpkin soup.


Then draw your face. Remember to cut outside of the lines to get rid of the pen mark. Practise the face on a piece of paper first to avoid making any mistakes (like I did!). I chose to draw a very simple face. Evil eyes, a triangle nose and a teethy smile.


And once you cut it all out, it should look something like this!

TIP: Usually there’s more excess bits hanging around after you have carved the face. Go back in with your spoon and take them out before putting your candle inside.


And there you have it! A very simple guide to carving a pumpkin. To light mine up, I put a tealight in a cheesecake glass and fired it up. The effect looks great and I can’t wait to put it outside on Halloween!


How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus before so I’ll be watching that for the first time and giving treats to those who dare walk past my pumpkin!

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Thanks for reading!


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