Top tips for improving your self-love.

I am absolutely delighted to have Millie from MSBLife guest posting on my blog! Millie’s blog is a fantastic mix of health, fitness and travel posts so be sure to check her out once you’ve read her top tips for improving your self-love!

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Before we start, I need to tell you something amazing about Millie.

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So without further ado, let’s begin the post!

Guest post written by Millie Foley

Self-love is like a film that everyone should start and never end. As it plays further, and you begin to learn, it may change to playing in the background. Maybe, at times, you have even found it being paused. But, one thing it should never do is hit the credits. (Unless you plan on having one amazing post-credit scene)

As I have grown and changed, so has my definition of loving myself. Back in school, I somehow developed the ‘I don’t give a **** what other people think’ trait and I was just me. During my exams, self-love became revising because I knew I wanted to give them my all. As of when I am writing this, self-love is listening to and discovering new things about how my body likes to work. Everyone’s definition is different and that is the beauty of it because we aren’t the same.

As I have grown up, my appreciation for Miley Cyrus and what she stands for has grown too. She lives unapologetically as herself. I’ve learnt that it isn’t selfish to love yourself most in the world, it isn’t cocky to think that you’re SMASHING something, and it certainly doesn’t mean you don’t love your friends and family. I’ve become a whole believer that you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

 “I don’t think you can be too ashamed of anything as long as you were being yourself” – Miley Cyrus

So, with it being the month of loooooove, I wanted to share a few things I do around self-love at this moment in my life.

Millie’s top tips for improving self-love:

 1) Sometimes more can be less.

I’ve had the saying ‘quality not quantity’ shoved down my throat since I was in primary school and writing 7 sides of A4 during writing time. But now it has a different meaning. There once was a time when I thought the more times I went to the gym or went running then the better I would be. BOY was I wrong! Instead, I try truly listening to my body and if it is saying no then I ain’t going!

2) ‘Act confident and no one will question you‘ – Sarah’s Day

I will admit, I say this out loud to myself sometimes. It is just such a true and powerful message to go by and I am forever grateful for the push Sarah has given me from her videos. This doesn’t have to mean that you are doing something outrageous. It can just mean that you are doing something that is out of your comfort zone, speaking of which…

 3) Push yourself, but only when it feels right.

An aspect of self-love for me is pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Trying new things and challenging myself allows me to grow. But I am slowly learning (and implementing) that you don’t need to be doing it all the time. It is okay to be okay with where you are now. This has been developed further through practicing yoga and learning when to take it slow.

 4) Catch yo’ breath!

Can someone be obsessed with breathing!? Taking time to just breathe makes me feel SO much better and in control. There are lots of different ways to breathe (who knew?) and trying them out to see which one suits you is game changing.

Those are some of my top ways that I am loving myself and I hope that you found something there that has inspired you to take some self-love action! My last, and maybe the most powerful, is that it is okay to have a good old cry and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Thank you so much to Charlotte for having me on Take a Paws and make sure to go check out all the other self-love related posts for some extra loving inspiration!

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What did you think of Millie’s top tips for improving self-love? Which ones are you going to try?

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  1. AW YAY!! Thank you so much for having me on Take a Paws Charlotte! I had a lot of fun writing this and even reading it back a couple weeks later has reminded myself of a few things hahah. I think you are absolutely SMASHING it online right now and I still can’t quite get over how lovely your new blog looks! Also thank you for including my fundraising – I really appreciate it 🙂

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