Kampnari Bakery, Gozo, Review.

On Wednesday, we decided to go out and share some pizza for lunch. My mum had a place in mind as she had been there before with some girlfriends and I could see why she liked it so much. This is my Kampnari Bakery, Gozo, review. I was not paid to eat here and the views in this blog post are my own!

Kampnari Bakery is a quaint, little place, perfect for a lunchtime or evening meal. The bakery can be found down a side street where the narrow street shades you from the hot afternoon sun. My favourite thing about the location of this place, is the peace and quiet that comes with it. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy square, you can sit and relax without the hectic tourism feeling.


We went there with pizza in mind but my dad was tempted to a goat’s cheese ftira. A ftira is a type of sandwich, native to the Maltese Islands. My favourite pizza is a margherita with extra sliced tomatoes and oregano so I ordered that and shared it with my dad. My grandma and mum shared a pepperoni pizza.


The food was delicious. I honestly couldn’t fault my pizza at all. It was crispy around the edges and perfectly stone-baked in the middle. My favourite thing was that the cheese topping came right to the edge of the pizza! My mum and grandma also enjoyed their pizza and my dad said his ftira was thoroughly enjoyable too.

IMG_7422 (2)

The local wine must have been good too as my lunch companions all knocked back three glasses each. The lady who owns the bakery was very friendly and brought out shots of limoncello with our bill.

All in all, we had a lovely afternoon and we would recommend Kampnari Bakery to anyone visiting the capital of Gozo, Victoria. It’s great for either a quick bite to eat or a long, leisurely afternoon.

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