BLOGTOBER: My favourite place to visit in Autumn

I love the colours of Autumn but it’s something we don’t really get in the UK. Our trees have a tendency to lose their leaves quickly and we miss out on gorgeous reds and oranges.

Somewhere that does get beautiful, tree lined boulevards is Canada!

James and I moved to Canada temporarily back in September 2016, just in time to experience the beautiful Fall season. I loved how the neighborhoods took it as seriously as Christmas. Front doors were decorated with delicate wreaths, scarecrows made an appearance on the front porch and pumpkins were carved with creativity and love.





This was my pumpkin that I carved for the occasion!


Fall in Canada is a very short but sweet experience. When I packed for Canada, I took all my warm clothes in anticipation of cold weather when we got there. When we arrived on the 3rd of September in Ottawa, the heat was sweltering! I wasn’t expecting such a hot summer. The warm weather lasted well into September and not long after the leaves started to fall, we received our first snowfall on the 27th of October. 

I’d say Fall lasted, at most, 6 weeks. But it was the most beautiful 6 weeks I have ever seen. If you decide to visit Canada, consider going in Autumn. You get to avoid the sticky heat and beat the winter chill (although I did adore Canada at winter time too).

Tell me, where is your favourite place to visit in Autumn? Is it a country? A town? A specific place of interest? Let me know in the comments below!

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