BLOGTOBER: Winter Meal Ideas

As the seasons change, so does my appetite and my taste buds. In summer, I’m all for melon, caprese salads and ice cream sundaes. But as the weather turns chilly, I like warm, comforting meals to fill my belly. So here are my favourite dishes to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.


I eat porridge almost every day during the week in winter. Here, I’ve topped my porridge with a banana, almonds, raisins and pumpkin seeds.


I love making homemade soup at this time of year. This is a bowl of carrot and coriander soup that I made with some fresh bloomer bread from the supermarket, slathered in butter.


Another warming recipe that I love to make is this Caribbean curry soup recipe from Hello Fresh. The original recipe is designed as a soup but I add some rice and eat it as a curry, usually with a side of naan bread. The curry has sweet potato, kidney beans, spinach and yellow pepper in it, making it a super tasty meal full of veggies.


For pudding, it has to be something with custard. This dessert is a fruit crumble but I also love jam roly poly and sticky toffee pudding. As long as it comes with custard, I’m happy.


So there you have some warm, filling meal inspiration for the coming cold days!

Let me know if you want a recipe for any of these meals and I’ll rustle something up!

Do you have a favourite Winter comfort food? Let me know in the comments below!

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