Neewer Ring Light

As a New Year treat, I decided to invest in a ring light. Most people will associate a ring light with make up artists but all sorts of photography folks use ring lights. I haven’t necessarily bought it specifically for photography but I’m absolutely sure I’ll be using it for future blog pictures. It’s quite handy because I can attach my camera or my phone to it and it reaches over 6ft tall. I can’t actually reach my camera anymore once it’s extended to its full length.

I’m not a make up artist but I’ll definitely be using it to do my make up on a morning. I wake up before the sun in winter and the lighting in my room is terrible – both all my lamps/lights produce an orange-yellow colour, so the ring light will be handy when I put the white light filter on and it wont produce shadows on my face when I’m trying to blend.

Another use will be as a general lamp in the living room when I eventually move in with James. Its dimmable so with the orange filter, it will create a lovely ambiance on an evening.

It came packaged really well, most of which I have been able to put in the recycling bin.

It was also super easy to assemble thanks to the easy instructions.


It came with a little bluetooth button that I haven’t tried out yet (I’m not sure it’s compatible with my phone)


It also came with an orange filter and a white filter and a travel bag. I doubt I’ll take it anywhere in the travel bag as I’m not very clued up on photography. I took some self portraits with the self-timer option on my Nikon camera, but anyone who knows anything about photography would see I haven’t got it set properly. Maybe that should have been one of my goals for this year – learn to use my camera properly!

I’ve only played with it for one afternoon so I’ll probably do a little update once I’ve become used to using it.

Do you use a ring light or have any tips for lighting and photography? Leave a comment!

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