11.06.20 New addition to the household!

I always like to check out the plants and flowers section in the supermarket. Having life in the home is great (although my track record of keeping plants alive is… dismal) but I also don’t want my rooms to turn into greenhouses.

I also have to be really careful and check that the plants and flowers are not toxic to dogs. Clover is a greedy little thing and will chew on anything when she’s bored. Luckily, I found a beautiful little house plant in Sainsbury’s that is also non-toxic! It’s a chamaedorea and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

My problem is that I can’t decide which room to keep it in. It looks great on the windowsill in the living room but I also love it on the top shelf in the kitchen. I’m considering leaving it in the living room and finding something similar for the kitchen. I also keep flowers on the kitchen table and my herbs on the window sill so I don’t want the kitchen to feel overrun by plants.

I’m also tempted to put the pink plant in a different pot and put that on the kitchen shelf instead with some small succulents. This would give me an extra pot for another herb. I love adding coriander to curries and quinoa dishes so it would be great having it growing in my kitchen.

Flat leaf parsley, Kalanchoe and Basil!
The Kalanchoe is poisonous to pets but I keep it on the windowsill out of reach.

The garden is growing too!

We also have fresh mint growing in the garden but I have to keep an eye on it. One, it spreads like crazy and two, the oil in mint is toxic to dogs. However, we always supervise Clover in the garden so we didn’t feel the need to rip the entire plant out completely. So far, she hasn’t shown any interest in it so I’m wondering if she has an innate sense of danger towards it. Here is some advice on plants and flowers that are friendly and not-so-friendly for your canine companion: House and Garden Plants Poisonous to Dogs.

I’m not a fan of mint to be honest, but James likes to make lamb and mint burgers and it will always come in handy if ever we have people over for drinks – Mojitos all round!

Mint – the oil in the mint leaves is toxic to pets so be careful if you’re growing this at home. This was already here before we moved in.

This has been a slightly longer daily blog than usual but I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into my growing home. Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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