New additions to the garden!

Good morning reader!

Today, I visited a local nurseries to get some new plants for the garden. Why not a garden centre? To be honest, there wasn’t one that close to where we live. Nurseries are big green houses full of plants. They get the plant growing for you and then you just have to plant it in your garden or a plant pot.

Garden centres do this too, but garden centres also tend to sell gardening tools, garden furniture as well as other items. I adore garden centres at Christmas time because they’re usually full of Christmas trees, decorations and the most beautiful wreaths!

The new additions to the garden

Without having a label next to the plants, I can not remember what they are called but I got two types. Both are non-toxic to dogs. The first one we picked has these lovely light coloured leaves that I knew would look great next to my rose bush. I also wanted a plant with long slender leaves. The second one I have planted at the top of the garden in the corner. It’s supposed to flower so hopefully I’ll see it bloom before the summer ends.

I dug a hole, added my plant and then filled the space with soil again. I then added extra top soil around the top to encourage the plant to grow. When I had finished, I watered the entire bedding as it has been super hot and the garden was looking dry.

In all honesty, I’ve no idea if I’m doing this right. It’s a learning process through trial and error plus asking questions to Google and my grandma. I’m really enjoying this project though, especially having my herbs too. I mentioned before that we have some fresh mint growing. Mint can grow quickly so I have to cut it back often. I pulled off the leaves and put them in the fridge so we could cook with them.

James made himself some cooling mint flavoured water and I used them in a recipe with our orzo salad. It feels great having a little bit of self-sustainability at home.

Hope you liked seeing the new additions to the garden. If you missed it, check out my new house plant here! Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x


  1. AW I love that photo of you and Oooo mint! Wish my garden was looking a bit more like yours and not a ton of weeds but we will get there one day! Have a lovely day Charlotte!

    1. Author

      Thanks Millie! I’ve got a patch that’s full of weeks so I need to get round to ripping them out! Happy best day of the week!

  2. Love this! I have a lot of plants in my room but I really wanna have a crack at growing some herbs because I bet it’s super satisfying!!

    1. Author

      It certainly is! I love plants in bedrooms although we don’t have any in ours. I think I’d forget to water it – maybe I need a fake one!

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