Online resources for tackling self-doubt

For once, it’s not food or body image that I’m struggling with right now – it’s self doubt. I’ve had rejection after rejection from job applications. My personal goals have remained largely unmet. I’m worn down by my lack of success in transitioning from full time education to working adult and the longer it persists, the less I feel like trying which becomes a continuous cycle of failure. Tomorrow marks the start of a new month and I desperately want to break the cycle. This is why I want share some online resources for tackling self-doubt.

How does self-doubt affect us?

Self-doubt usually stems from one of 3 things: low self-esteem, negative social comparison and fear of failure. It’s also possible to feel like you’re experiencing all three at the same time. Having low self-esteem means we’re less likely to have the confidence to try something new or ‘just go for it‘. At this point, it’s common to look at what our peers are doing or others who we feel are similar to ourselves. When we see the success of others, it’s easy to allow negative social comparison thoughts to overwhelm us. “Why aren’t I as successful? I’m not as good as them. They are better than me.”

Eventually, these pervasive thoughts lead to a fear of failure. These days, every one is connected. Every one is sharing what they’re doing online. To succeed with a new business, you need to have an online presence. We are held accountable for our actions, even if we don’t want to be. The fear of failure often discourages us from fully trying in the first place which loops us right back around to the low self-esteem again.

Do you see how this can become an all-consuming issue?

I don’t want to allow self-doubt to affect me any longer and I also don’t want it to affect you any longer either. This is why I’ve put together this list of resources so that we can start our journey to success together. Self-doubt has held us back for too long. Put the kettle on, grab your journal and let’s start reaching our goals!

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Online resources for tackling self-doubt

12 Ways to overcome self-doubt and boost confidence

12 ways to overcome self doubt and boost confidence

Why a bit of negative thinking is good for you

How to negatively think your way to success. How a controlled amount of negative thinking can actually help you achieve your goals. Using the WOOP technique learn how to effectively combine both positive & negative thinking strategies in order to be more motivated, solution orientated and driven. Includes FREE worksheet#mindset #personalgrowth

Podcasts to help with self doubt

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What is a Limiting Belief?

what are limiting beliefs

5 Ways to Improve your Self Worth so you can Believe You Are Truly Enough

5 Ways to Improve your Self Worth so you can Believe You Are Truly Enough

I hope you find something practical in this list of online resources for tackling self-doubt. There’s a lot of pressure to be self-sufficient and ‘be your own boss’ that it can be quite overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Start by building a solid foundation. Work on identifying what you need to do to have a stronger well-being. Get yourself sorted first, and the rest will follow.

Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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