22.06.20 Our fun day out ended at the vets!

Hello reader!

We brought Clover home when she was 9 weeks old. At that time, we were living with James’ dad and continued to live there until a few weeks ago. It’s Clover’s first home. We introduced her to Bella, James’ 8 year old family Sprocker Spaniel, straight away and Clover followed her around all the time.

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We felt awful separating Clover from Bella when we moved out. We were so excited to come back and visit James’ dad so that Clover could see Bella again.

We headed back to Bucks to see James’ dad for lunch. After we’d finished eating, we took Clover and Bella to the park for some play time. Bella is obsessed with playing fetch. At some point during all the running around, one of Bella’s nails broke at the root.

We didn’t realise until she started limping and James noticed that she was bleeding. We started walking her home and her limping worsened. At that point, James picked her up and carried her the rest of the way home. When we got there, we bathed her foot in salt water and called the vet. Bella is such a docile dog that she has to be in a lot of pain before she cries. This makes it really difficult for us to know how much discomfort she’s in.

We ended our day out with a trip to the vets before heading home with Clover. Bella’s paw was wrapped up and she’s taking it easy for the next few days.

We’re wishing Bella a speedy recovery. Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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