Packing Ideas for a Ski Holiday!

I’ve never been on a real ski holiday before. In the past, James and I have gone away for the weekend to ski in Scotland and in Canada, we were fortunate enough to live near some slopes that we could visit for the day. As you are reading this, we are in Bansko, Bulgaria, for a week long holiday!

I tried to do as much research as I could for what I should pack but at the end of the day, trial and error will be the biggest source of information. I’m sure there are things I definitely wont need and things I will have forgotten. This is all very new to me. But one thing is for sure – I’ve definitely over-packed!


Over the last six or so years, pink has become my favourite colour and although it looks red on the picture, my ski jacket is a vibrant pink! I thought pink trousers might be a little OTT so I opted for a white pair instead. For Christmas, I received purple-y/pink socks and a wind breaker and white gloves from James’ dad and nan, which were exactly what I needed!

Layers for under my ski wear.


I am a huge fan of turtle necks so naturally I have packed 6 (3 jumpers and 3 tops). I always feel extra cosy in a turtleneck – just imagine, sat next to a burning fire, snug as a bug.

Extra non-turtleneck jumpers


Surprise! I lied.. More turtlenecks..


The hotel we booked has a beautiful spa and indoor pool so I treated myself to some new swimwear. I never buy swimming costumes because I don’t like tan lines but I don’t think there’ll be any sunbathing involved on this trip…

I also packed a pair of flip flops which I forgot to take a picture of.


For my hand luggage, I’m taking my really practical oversized bag. It fits everything in without feeling like my stuff is squashed. Obviously I’ll be packing my passport and tickets which I didn’t include in this picture.

We’ve got a 3 hour transfer from the airport to the hotel which we won’t arrive at until 1am so I’ve packed my snooze cushion in my hand luggage instead of my suitcase so I can sit comfortably on the coach. My usual necessities – paracetamol, handcream and tissues – are in, as well as my headphones, laptop and reading book to keep me entertained. I’m not taking my Nikon camera as I’m worried it will get broken so I’m going old-school and packing a disposable camera as well as taking my selfie stick because we’ll also use our phones for pictures. Finally, there’s my purse, travel money, phone charger and sunglasses.

As I’m writing this, there’s just 3 days to go until we set off! I’m super excited and can’t wait to share it all with you in a post when I get back. Most of all, I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with James.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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