Today, in the post, I was sent a marketing leaflet by a big brand beauty company, offering me a free beauty bag with goodies if I buy two products or more from them. I love any excuse to buy more makeup and I probably would have been taken in byContinue Reading

If there’s one thing James and I enjoy, it’s eating out. Last weekend, the weather could not decide what it wanted to do so we played it safe and had lunch at a nearby pub called The Pheasant in Brill, Buckinghamshire. James had been before for drinks with friends butContinue Reading

It is my pleasure to debut the gorgeous Sophie McDermott and her intense circuit training. Sophie is dedicated to triathlon training and loving food, and she proves that an ordinary person can have a great level of fitness without a personal trainer! We met at Newcastle University in 2015 atContinue Reading

Today I treated myself. As I wandered the streets of Oxford, I came across one of my favourite types of shops. Gymwear. How I have made it this far in life without ever knowing Sweaty Betty existed, I’ll never know. But nonetheless it is in my life now and forever.Continue Reading

A year ago I moved to Canada for eight months. I took my first long-haul flight, met some amazing people and experienced things I only ever imagined in my wildest dreams. I saw Niagara Falls, went dog sledding and spent a weekend in a teepee with the most beautifully spirited indigenous nativeContinue Reading