Travel diary: Skiing in Bulgaria Part 1

We’re back from our wonderful week skiing in Bulgaria! James and I had such a lovely time so here is part one of a two-part series about what we got up to.

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Our flight set off from London Heathrow in the late afternoon and by the time we took our transfer up to the mountains, it was 3am when we arrived at the hotel. We stayed at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko.

Day one

On our first morning, we could barely open our eyes. We arrived at the hotel at 3 o’clock in the morning but we were required to attend the registration at 8:30am. After only 4 hours sleep, I couldn’t even stomach my long-awaited pancakes and nutella, and the queues for the equiptment were draining the little energy we had. Nonetheless, the sun was glistening off of the snowy mountains and we soon made it onto the gondola with our fast-track tickets!

As we are not complete beginners, we were required to do a test run before being placed into our groups for the lessons. Guess who was picked to go first! I was placed into the intermediate group but James was good enough for the advanced class. However, for the first day we decided to stay together in the intermediate group.

By 3pm, we had gone halfway up the mountain and back down again, and we were ready for some relaxation before an early dinner.

Day Two

After an early night, we were down in the breakfast room by 7:40 and I was ready for my pancakes. Even though it’s a holiday, you don’t really get to have a lie in as the queues can make you late for your lessons if you don’t get there early. We were on the mountain just after 9am which gave us time to do a quick run and grab a hot drink before our lesson began at 10am. Let me tell you this – Bulgarian hot chocolate is the best I’ve ever tasted.

By lunchtime, my legs were giving up. I really tried to keep going when we rejoined the group after we’d eaten but it just wasn’t fun anymore. James and I took the gondola back to the hotel and I flopped onto the bed, aching. The positive side of leaving early meant that the spa was empty.

Day Three

In the morning, we made the decision not to stay with our group. Our instructor was really good and the people in the group were really friendly, but since we had already been to the resort before, we felt more confident about going on other runs. So far, our instructor had only taken us halfway up the mountain and we were ready to go all the way to the top.

On our own, we found steeper runs to try, some of which we did and some we saved for another day as I was beginning to feel tired in the afternoon. My confidence was definitely increasing!

To be continued…

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  1. 1) these photos are such high quality and you look AMAZING AW and 2) I’ve never been skiing before and know nothing about it so had no idea everything took so long and so much planning! I haven’t had a hot choc in agessss and the sound of the Bulgarian one has me wanting one! Can’t wait to read part two later 🙂

    1. Author

      Awh thanks Millie! The photos were mainly taken on James’ Samsung S8 and a few on my iPhone SE. Snazzed up with Adobe Lightroom! My YouTube video next week is going to break down everything that was included in the holiday 🙂 x

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