Travel diary: Skiing in Bulgaria Part 2

My last post, Skiing in Bulgaria Part 1, described what we got up to on the first half of our holiday. Now find out what happened during the second half!

Day Four

My legs felt less sore this morning upon waking and rising. I don’t know if it’s because I was skiing naturally rather than following an instructor? By this point, it still hadn’t snowed at all and the slopes were becoming more gritty and icy. We decided to stick to two easy slopes that we knew well and called it a day at 11am. The forecast said it would snow on Thursday morning so we planned to take the rest of Wednesday off and start again at lunchtime on Thursday. To really take advantage of the resting time, I booked myself a facial. Guests were offered a free 15 minute massage but I combined mine with my 25 minute facial to get 40 minutes for 70 BGN / £30.60.

Day Five

We took today off skiing. After a leisurely breakfast, we played a couple of games of pool in the games room before heading back upstairs to watch TV. At the moment, we’re really enjoying watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. At lunchtime, we walked in to the town and found somewhere to eat.

After lunch, I spent a couple of hours reading and swimming down in the spa. By the time we had showered, we both agreed that we were happy eating in the hotel and for the first time, we tried their dinner buffet. I was really pleased with it.

Every night they have a different theme and we turned up on Asian night. We very rarely eat at buffets but I really enjoy being able to pick small portions of different things. I picked 2 pieces of sushi with a side of salad, a plated mix of beef noodles, crispy chicken, seasoned potatoes, rice and brocolli, and 2 small pieces of cake for dessert. I felt less stuffed after the buffet than I had after one main course in a restaurant.

Day Six

We had planned to do a full day of skiing on Friday. Thursday brought a lot of new snow so we were keen to get going early Friday morning. We took the chair lift straight to the top of the mountain and immedietly felt the harsh wind hit us. It was incredibly cold and the snow at the top was deep and very difficult to ski on. I had barely fallen throughout the entire trip but I was falling every third turn trying to get down from the peak to the second part of the run.

We stopped at a cafe for almost an hour to rest from all the falling. We also considered taking a chair lift back down but after warming up, we decided to finish the run that we had started. The snow became easier to ski on the further down the mountain we went and my confidence started to come back. We agreed that we would call it a day once we reached the bottom but before we got there, I felt one last burst of energy and we hopped onto a short red run. It was steeper than I remembered from last year and once again I fell flat on my face. Eventually we made it to the bottom and jumped on a gondola back to the town.

After a leisurely lunch, I threw on my swimsuit for the last time and headed to the spa. I think we were both feeling a bit tired from the holiday as a whole so. James wasn’t hungry by dinner so for the first time in my life – I ordered Room service! I found this very exciting. I ordered spaghetti in a tomato sauce with parmesan cheese and a chocolate pudding with icecream for dessert.

Home Time

We had a wonderful week at the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort. Our flight was early afternoon and we were back at home with Clover by dinner time. This was our second year skiing in Bansko and as much as we love it (and it’s affordability), I think we’d like to try a different resort next year.

Next week, I’ll be sharing the best places to eat in Bansko so come back for yummy food pictures!

If you missed my post on the first half of our holiday, you can find it here:

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