17.06.20 Some new changes!

Hello reader!

You may or may not have noticed but Take a Paws has undergone some changes! In particular, the homepage has changed! I decided that I wanted my homepage to tell you exactly what you can expect from Take a Paws, plus a little bit more about me.

If you haven’t seen it yet – head over to the new and improved homepage!

I also came up with a new idea for the direction that I would like to take the blog, and hopefully my career, in. I’m not going to say too much right now as it’s all very fresh in my mind and scribbles on a paper. Something that holds me back is self-doubt. However, Alex Grace’s new post about Negative Thinking gave me a lot of food for thought so hopefully I can get past the self-doubt and start reaching my goals!

I also spent some time planning our meals for next week as I’ve ordered a Tesco Click and Collect. I’m trying to make more use of my Italian cookbook by Gino D’Acampo so I’m excited to cook some risotto and pasta dishes.

I keep getting stuck at lunch time again and I find myself looking for snacks more often. I’m planning on boiling some eggs to keep in the fridge for when I want a snack and I’ve also ordered some bagels. I’m looking forward to sharing new meals with you and also finding new meals myself!

Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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  1. Love the new look of your homepage and excited to hear more about your new direction. I wish you every success with it. Thanks for sharing and I hope it helps you move forward with your goals – dream big! x

    1. Author

      Thanks for reading, Alex! So pleased you like the new home page! You and your affirmations are one of my biggest motivators! xx

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