Special Sunday Breakfast – fresh fruit and French pastries!

This week’s special weekend breakfast was on Sunday and I decided to keep it really simple. The weather is glorious this weekend and there’s nothing I love more than refreshing fruit on a morning. We started our Sunday with a lovely walk at the park and it was quite warm by the time we came home. Here’s our special Sunday breakfast with fresh fruit and French pastries!

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I had already decided on Saturday that I didn’t want to do a lot of cooking on Sunday morning. So I decided to go to Sainsbury’s and get us some pain au chocolat and croissants as well as fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit on a hot day

I’ve already mentioned how much I love honeydew melon when the weather is warm. I was also really tempted to buy a watermelon but I wasn’t convinced that it would all get eaten. I brought home a small honeydew melon as well as 3 packets of berries. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. We already had some banana at home.

As always, I poured us a glass of orange juice each and this morning felt extra special because we sat out in the garden to eat. We are so lucky to have garden space and we appreciate it.

I’m spending most of today in the garden. It has felt like a stay-cation having my grandma with us to stay. She went home on Saturday and I’ve had the best week with her, gardening and spending time together. Sunday is my day for me and I’m taking some time to read and relax.

I didn’t pressure myself to blog every day whilst my grandma was here so tomorrow I’ll be starting to get myself back on track again. I’ve got a to-do list in mind as well as a new schedule for blogging. I’m thinking of going back to scheduled blogs four times a week rather than daily blogging. This is an increase from the two days a week that I did before I started daily blogging. I tried daily blogging through June and although I enjoyed it, I felt like the quality of my blog posts dropped.

Hope you’re having a peaceful weekend. Always remember to take a paws.

Charlotte x

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  1. YESS love fresh fruit, especially on hot days!! I’m not a fan of breakfast pastries but I’m glad you enjoyed the food and your weekend Charlotte!

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