Support your local businesses!

Hello lovely reader!

James and I started our day with a trip to the post office and on our way home, we found another local business to support! Independent shops such as grocers, bakers and fishmongers are less common since superstores opened across the nation. The first superstore hit the UK in the 1960’s and since then, with the growing prominence of eCommerce, our high streets and independent businesses have suffered.

When we lived in a rural village, I rarely chose to use local businesses for everyday purchases. It was an 8 mile drive to our nearest town and it was always more convenient to shop at the Tesco Superstore. Now that we live in a town, I’m determined to support the local businesses.

I already use our local bakery for fresh bread and sweet treats. Today, we used our local, mobile fishmonger for the first time. The van comes every Tuesday morning and today we bought a side of salmon and some smoked kippers. James ate the kippers on toast and we plan on barbecuing the salmon for lunch tomorrow. He surprised me by setting up the garden furniture for a relaxing brunch in the sunshine.

I cut us two pieces for the BBQ and then sectioned the rest to put in the freezer. Even though I’ll still be using supermarkets, it’s nice to make the effort to go to other places too. We often stop by when walking the dog and I’m really looking forward to when the independent cafes reopen too!

For now, I’m enjoying the warm weather and eating al fresco. Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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