The Best Places to Eat in Bansko, Bulgaria

James and I have been skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria twice now and both times we only stayed bed and breakfast. This gave us the chance to go into the town and try the restaurants that Bansko has to offer. We re-visited three restaurants that we also ate at last year (because we enjoyed them so much) and they did not disappoint us. This is why they’ve made it onto my ‘The Best places to eat in Bansko, Bulgaria’ post. We tried them. We tried them again. One year later, they’re still amazing.

All the meals in this blog post were delicious. And food in Bansko is sooo affordable! All of the meals in this post came to less than £30 for two people. You also have the option of cheaper restaurants and even getting quick bites whilst you’re bar hopping. The streets have lots of kiosks selling jacket potatoes and crepes, so if you wanted to eat even cheaper there’s that option too.

For us, we prefer a nice sit down meal on an evening. So without further ado, I present:

The Best Places to Eat in Bansko, Bulgaria

Restaurant Victoria Bansko

Restaurant Victoria Bansko is a beautiful place to eat. It feels like you’re fine dining but the bill is a reasonable price! The interior of the restaurant is decorated with logs and in Summer you can eat outside too.

We ate here for dinner on the first night of our holiday.

I ordered: Salmon on a truffle creme sauce with broccoli and black rice.

James ordered: Veal meatballs with purée and jacket potato.

We also shared a portion of grilled vegetables.

Drinks: one beer and one large bottle of still water.

Price: £27.33 / 63.65 BGN

Salmon on a truffle creme sauce with broccoli and black rice.
Veal meatballs, jacket potato and purée.
Grilled vegetables

The House

Another very rustic style place to eat. The entire structure of the restaurant is designed like a log cabin. There is also live music as you eat, including traditional Bulgarian folk music.

We ate here on our second night.

I ordered a traditional Bulgarian dish – I can’t find the name of it anywhere! It was a huge bread bun filled with chicken, cheese, mushroom and peppers. Quite honestly, there was enough food for two people.

James ordered: Beef ribs with potato wedges and side salad.

Drinks: one beer and one large bottle of still water.

Price: £27.92 / 64.78 BGN

Bulgarian dish
Beef ribs with wedges and side salad

Smokey Mountain Bar and Grill

I didn’t get an outdoor picture here but the inside had a cool scrabble wall. This place serves the most delicious veggie burger I have ever had and I’ve had it two years in a row and it still didn’t disappoint.

We ate here on our third night.

Starter: Chicken wings with blue cheese sauce. (We shared this and I completely forgot to take a picture.)

I ordered: Vegetarian mushroom burger topped with salsa and cheese (vegan cheese also available).

James ordered: Beef burger with beef chilli brisket, english cheddar and a secret sauce.

Drinks: 2 beers and tap water

Price: £27.36 / 63.75 BGN

Vegetarian Burger
Beef burger with beef chilli brisket, cheese and a secret sauce

Just writing this food post for you has made me hungry! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed eating all this food!

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve had a lovely time away. The food all looks gorgeous there and reasonably priced. Great post 💗

  2. I loved the look of the ‘The House’s the most! (The first place seemed like too small of portions for me haha!) I do love a good affordable place, especially on holiday, and I end up returning back to what I know too!

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