The best self-love book to read this summer!

At the beginning of the month, author and self-love advocate Sophie Tanner gifted me her new book, Reader, I Married Me! to read and review.

The book is based on Tanner’s own journey of self-love where, in 2015, Tanner held a solo marriage ceremony in Brighton. What’s refreshing is that she tells her story through fictional characters, getting her message across without the autobiographical element.

Her story begins with a betrayal and heartbreak, allowing us to connect with the protagonist, Chloe. What follows is an adventure to self-acceptance with Chloe’s elaborate best friend, Dom, challenged by characters I loved to hate, Linda and Verity. Tanner’s writing allowed me to feel the personality of each character and I formed attachments quickly. When a climax builds at Chloe’s hen do, I found myself tearing through the words, hoping the worst was not about to happen.

This book is a roller-coaster of fun with an important message. Most of us spend our lives focusing on romantic relationships when, as Tanner writes, our most important relationship is with ourselves. I remember when I saw Tanner’s YouTube clip on my suggestions when she appeared on morning television a few years ago. I rolled my eyes and kept scrolling, ignorant to her beliefs. Four years later and I feel privileged to have read her journey. Tanner’s wedding is not something to be laughed at and it does not make a mockery of marriage. It is a statement of self-worth, a pilgrimage of love for oneself. With mental health at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it is acts of courage like this which are needed to encourage people to focus on themselves.

I haven’t been asked to but I really want to share the amazon link for this book because I absolutely recommend it. You can get it on kindle or paperback!


You can check out the author on her Twitter and Instagram pages too!

Have you read Reader, I Married Me? What do you think to a solo wedding? Let me know in the comments below!

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