The most comfortable leggings in the world.

Today I treated myself. As I wandered the streets of Oxford, I came across one of my favourite types of shops. Gymwear. How I have made it this far in life without ever knowing Sweaty Betty existed, I’ll never know. But nonetheless it is in my life now and forever. The quality of the clothing is heaven. The prices, not so much… But when you’re buying pieces which will no doubt remain a strong player in the wardrobe game, who even cares?

I’ve found as I’m aging, I’m worried less about price and more about the quality of the material. I’m getting to a point in my life where I’d rather pay extra now and know that a staple piece will still be a staple piece in years to come, than to have to buy a new pair every year because the seam has torn.

Because let’s face it, leggings will remain a staple piece for a while. And one thing that is a must for my leggings is opacity. I absolutely hate it when the material stretches and your underwear is revealed for all to see. So when I walked into Sweaty Betty and saw a label for 100% opacity, I knew I had come home. On seeing the price, my first instinct was to walk away. But once the shop assistant placed them in my hands, I was taken in by the softness. These leggings would not be taking a seat in my gymwear drawer. They would be in a prime location next to my trustworthy jeans, ready for everyday wear. And what’s more, Sweaty Betty does student discount. Yes that’s right. Student discount.

How could I walk away from that?

Quality of material – 5/5  

Design – 4/5 (waistband thicker than I normally like)

Price – 3/5 £55 full price £44 with 20% Student Discount

Comfort – 5/5

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