We allowed Clover to sleep on our bed!

Hello reader! It’s the start of another new week and I’m so happy because I finally saw my family again after 5 months! However, a poor judgement on my part meant that we allowed Clover to sleep on our bed for the first time…

We drove up to Leeds on Friday evening and stayed 2 nights with my grandparents before bringing my Gran back home with us for a one week stay-cation.

It was so nice to see my grandparents again. I’ve missed them so much. The last time that I saw them was in February before going on our ski holiday to Bulgaria. I had planned on going to see them around Easter but then the virus started to spread and before we knew it, social distancing was all that anyone could do.

We allowed Clover to sleep on our bed

Since we moved house, Clover has started sleeping downstairs in the living room. This isn’t her choice but she’s a big girl now and we trust her to sleep alone. Given that she behaves so well at home, we thought she would be fine sleeping downstairs in my grandparent’s kitchen. We took her bed and lots of her toys but we left the pen at home.

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I was so wrong.

How naive was I? She was really distressed about being left downstairs. If you’ve been following Clover’s development, you’ll know that my number one rule is no dogs on the bed at night. (Click here to read how to crate train your new puppy!) The mistake that I made was not taking the pen to my grandparent’s house. I couldn’t leave Clover downstairs – her howling was nothing like any noise I’d heard her make before. After almost 12 months of training her not to sleep on our bed at night, she was straight up the stairs and snuggling James before the clock struck midnight.

It wasn’t too bad, and to be fair to her, she went to sleep in the living room without any problems when we came home on Sunday. Perhaps my grandparent’s house could be the one-off location where she’s allowed to snooze with us.

It was a flying visit to Leeds but it gave me a little bit of normality back. Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x

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