We tried Gousto’s food delivery service for the first time!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a real foodie. But as much as I love food, I’ve also become quite fussy in recent years. Nevertheless, I’m always looking for new recipes to try so I was super excited when James said he had a discount from work to use on Gousto!

We picked four meals for the week which normally would cost £34.99. With James’ work discount, it came to around £15. The meals were:

Pan fried halloumi with herby bulgar and roasted vegetables.


Beef lasagne

CZLU3491 (2)

Blackened haddock with corn salsa


Roast chicken

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I felt like there were less options to choose from than HelloFresh offer but I liked what was on offer. I also liked that you could pick from ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’ delivery (for an extra delivery charge) if you didn’t want to have to wait in all day.

The food arrived in one big box (which I always like because big boxes are useful to keep for storage! #reuse). It was also clear from the get-go that Gousto is a brand which is aiming towards greener living (although, on this occasion, I was disappointed to see so much plastic on the vegetables.)



They also included a booklet which breaks down the aims of the company, including their pledge to remove 50% of the plastic in the deliveries by the end of 2019. I was quite impressed by the target and will probably check back in for a comparison next January.


Taste-wise, I only ate the halloumi meal as I had to leave James to go back to Newcastle. There’s a very similar recipe by HelloFresh and, to be honest, I found that the HelloFresh one is tastier.

James ate the other three for the rest of the week and he said he really liked them. He has also tried HelloFresh recipes (I think this has accidentally turned into a bit of a comparison post…) and he said the Gousto recipes were just as nice as HelloFresh.

I’d be open to ordering from them again, although I’m also keen to try Mindful Chef, so that I can try more of the recipes. I think it might have been a bit unfair to compare the halloumi recipe as it is one of my favourite HelloFresh recipes.

Have you tried Gousto’s food delivery service before? Is there another food service that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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