Weekly Meal Plan and Food Shop

It’s been a while since I last shared a weekly meal plan and food shop with you. The last one was when I was living in Newcastle which was over a year ago! I thought I’d share an updated weekly meal plan (and hopefully remember to share them more often!) as I’m always trying new recipes.

This week, instead of shopping in store, I ordered a Click and Collect from Tesco. I really enjoyed doing it this week as I secured my collection slot about 1 week in advance which meant I had lots of time to amend my order. Sometimes, you don’t always know what you fancy to eat. By having a week to decided, I ended up having lots of ideas for dinner and lunch.

I’ll start off by sharing the products that I bought. I like to do this because it’s always nice to know which brands someone recommends if you’re looking to try something new or new ideas for snacks.

Food Shop

Meat, fish and meat alternatives (plus a bag of chips)

This included a small packet of chicken breasts, 600g of chicken thighs, Quorn mince, scampi, raw king prawns and a bag of oven chips.


I actually prefer Lurpak butter over Anchor but Anchor was on offer. Butter is quite expensive! For cheese we bought mozzarella and mascarpone. Our local bakery makes amazing fruit scones so I bought some yummy clotted cream. I found a recipe for a puff pastry pizza and I always cheat when it comes to pastry because the jus-rol brand is just so easy to use!


Tesco’s multigrain bread is my favourite brown bread. We bought some paninis and bagels to have at lunchtimes (although sometimes I like a toasted bagel as a late evening snack). James isn’t a huge fan of breakfast but he really likes a cup of coffee with a small pastry and I love the assorted pack.

Fruit and vegetables

I’ve got some yummy recipes lined up for this week. A couple of mushroom dishes, some tray bakes, as well as some simple yet delicious small lunchtime snacks like bruschetta!

  • mushrooms
  • butternut squash
  • potatoes (miniature and jackets)
  • tenderstem broccoli
  • lemons
  • tomatoes
  • onions (shallots and red onions)
  • courgette
  • peppers

Food cupboard

My usual, quick breakfast is weetabix with banana and soya milk. If I get peckish on an afternoon, I love a snackajack or a hard boiled egg. I’m planning on doing a post on my favourite snacks soon! Lindt dark chocolate was on offer so I treated us to a bar of that (although it probably won’t last long). I also bought some risotto rice and some orzo pasta for our recipes this week and James requested some salsa.

Weekly Meal Plan

So, what am I going to make with all of this food?

As I write down my shopping list (or add it to the Tesco order), on a separate piece of paper I write down my meal plan. I like to be organised when it comes to food. One, because I don’t like to waste food and two, because I hate shopping without knowing what I’m planning to cook. If the meal is coming from a recipe book, I also write down which book and the page number so that I can easily find it when I start cooking. If I want to make any changes to the recipe, I also write these down here.

Here’s a list of the meals we’ll be making this week:

  • creamy lemon risotto with prawns
  • orzo pasta salad
  • reverse puff pastry pizza
  • bulgar wheat with mushrooms and butternut squash
  • chicken and new potato traybake
  • quorn pasta
  • scampi, chips & peas
  • bruschetta
  • pasta parcels

The list is a mixture of lunch and dinner ideas. With us still being at home all the time, sometimes we make a large lunch and have something small in the evening. For example, one day this week we are going to have some fish on the BBQ with the orzo salad at lunchtime.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at my weekly meal plan and food shop. Perhaps you’ve found a recipe you’d like to try?

Let me know if you feel inspired by this post today!

Always remember to take a ‘paws’!

Charlotte x


  1. Definitely would love to try the bulgur wheat with mushrooms & butternut – sounds healthy and delicious! I’m like you in that I like to meal plan before shopping, otherwise, I’d overspend & bring home the most random of things! Enjoy all your lovely meals x

    1. Author

      Yes I’m looking forward to that one! I’m exactly the same, I buy stuff that doesn’t really go together and end up having to go again with a list!

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