What I Ate Wednesday #3

Hello lovely reader and welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday #3! Are you enjoying these posts? I love making them but I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures of my food at lunchtime. You’ll see in today’s post that half of my lunch is missing!

We’re getting our next food shop tomorrow so our cupboards and fridge are pretty empty. I sometimes find food days like this quite stressful, particularly if we’re low on salad and vegetables. Not to worry though, as we treated ourselves to a HelloFresh delivery which arrived yesterday and our cupboards will be full again tomorrow! Here are the meals and snacks that I ate yesterday – including a yummy dessert!

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What I Ate Wednesday #3


Today, I had two toasted potato waffles with a poached egg and a glass of orange juice. This is one of my favourite breakfasts to make because it is so simple and quick to make.

What I ate wednesday
Two toasted potato waffles with a poached egg and a glass of orange juice.

How I make a perfect poached egg:

  • Put a pan of water on to boil.
  • When boiling, add your egg and turn the heat down until it is simmering.
  • The egg will be done in around 3 minutes. You can check that it’s cooked enough by using a spoon with holes to gently lift it out of the pan. If the egg white is firm, the egg is cooked.
  • I like to dab the egg with a piece of kitchen roll to get any excess water off it before putting it on my plate.


So I completely forget to take a picture of my lunch before I started eating it. FYI, I had SIX crackers with brie and Wensleydale with cranberries. Not two. It’s really important for me to be completely transparent in these posts. I’d hate for someone to look at the pictures and think ‘omg she only has two crackers, should I only have two crackers????’. Have as many crackers as you want. I had 6.

what I ate wednesday
two crackers with brie cheese and wensleydale with cranberries cheese. Blueberries, strawberries and a strawberry flavoured activia yogurt

There were also more blueberries although not that many because I spent all afternoon snacking on them the day before. My breakfast was quite filling which is why I was content having fruit and yogurt with crackers. The Activia yogurt was strawberry flavoured.


I’m really into caramel snackajacks at the moment and love nibbling on one on an afternoon. I also had 2 pieces of Lindt 70% dark chocolate that I didn’t take a picture of.

what I ate wednesday
a caramel snackajack next to a diary, a pair of glasses and a laptop

Around 5 o’clock, I also had a toasted crumpet smothered in butter. It was James’ turn to cook so I knew we would be eating later than usual. We ended up cooking together in the end.

what I ate wednesday
a toasted crumpet on a plate


Our HelloFresh delivery arrived today so we had something yummy from our order. Our options to choose from were a honey glazed chicken, carrot and bulgar wheat dish; prawn rigatoni; and lamb pilaf. The prawn pasta was a rapid 20 minute dish so we went with that (although we had originally planned to have the chicken).

what I ate wednesday
Prawn rigatoni with courgette and creme fraiche
Table setting with two bowls of pasta, a bowl filled with parsley and lemon zest, a break basket and a glass of water.

The recipe used prawns, creme fraiche, courgette, garlic and rigatoni pasta, as well as veg stock for cooking and lemon juice for flavour. It was so easy and quick to make. Personally, though, I would have liked a little less pasta and another type of vegetable. I felt very stuffed with rigatoni afterwards. The pasta was topped with a fresh flat leaf parsley and lemon zest dressing. We also had some fresh baguette from our local bakery.


When James called at our local bakery, he also came back with a surprise piece of cake (I love it when he does this!). We don’t have a name for it but it was filled with juicy raisins and cherries. It also had cherry jam at the bottom amongst the sponge cake and it was topped with a marble icing layer. It was really tasty and reminded me of a cherry bakewell.

Fruit cake with cherry jam topped with marble icing.

This is the full piece of cake. James and I had half each.

I hope you’ve enjoyed What I Ate Wednesday #3. I’m trying to keep up with these posts every other week. I’d like to alternate them with other food inspo posts.

What have you been eating recently? Give me some inspo!

Always remember to take a paws!

Charlotte x


  1. Loved this! The prawn rigatoni looked delicious.

    1. Author

      It was so yummy and SO EASY to make! I was really chuffed!

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