Workout Wednesday

This weeks featured workout is hard work on the legs! All credit goes to my personal trainer Gary for creating the routine.

I warmed up on the treadmill at an incline of 5.0 and walked at a speed of 4.5 (I’m still not sure if the treadmill speed is in km or miles!) for 6 minutes.


Barbell Back Squats – 50kg of weight on the bar, 8 reps, 4 sets.

Barbell Good Mornings – 35kg of weight on the bar, 8 reps, 4 sets. (The bar is in the same position on your back but with a slight bend in the knee, you hinge forward from the hips until chest is parallel with the floor.)

Sumo Deadlifts – 50kg of weight on the bar, 8 reps, 4 sets. (Feet are wide and pointed outwards at a 45 degree angle. Hands grip the bar directly under the shoulders.)

Abductor and Leg Press Rotation:

Abductor – 55kg, 6 reps / Leg Press – 93kg, 6 reps (complete 6 reps of each to complete a set, 4 sets overall.)

Abs workout:

I always end my workout with an abs workout. Sometimes I make it up as  I go along and sometimes Gary gives me a structured plan to follow.

Leg raises – 20 seconds / Crunches – 20 seconds / Bicycle Crunches – 20 seconds = take a 10 second break between each for round 1, 5 second break between each for round 2 and no breaks for round 3! Repeat for a second set!


It’s back on the treadmill to finish off this routine! Keeping the treadmill at a low incline, increase the speed high enough that is safe but faster than a jog. It’s called Sprint Intervals for a reason! Do sprint intervals with 30 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 10 minutes.

Please, please, please make sure you stretch off properly! Take at least 20 minutes to cool down and give those muscles the nurture they need. Whenever I do anything with weights, I always have a protein shake afterwards to help replenish muscle regrowth – even if you don’t want/have any shakes, be sure to make yourself a high protein meal.

Let me know what you think to the routine. Will you try it? Is there anything you would add/modify? Leave a comment below and thanks for reading!

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash


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